Progress Report: Gigs #6-7

The low end

Photo © 2010 Mike Scicolone

Whoops … I was supposed to get this little blog out last week. Oops!

In keeping with my earlier post, here are a few quick blurbs about the final two Rusted Hero gigs from 2010.

6. The Delancey 11:45pm @ New York, NY
This was the big Rusted Hero gig of 2010! We had released our EP digitally a week or two earlier, but now we had the physical product in our hands. Added to these babies on the merch table were our hot t-shirts and buttons, so we were truly stocked. About 60 people showed up – friends, family, even old coworkers – it was a blast packing The Delancey, especially since they were nice enough to offer free whiskey drinks to all our fans for the full hour before we played. A ton of bands went ahead of us (The Delancey even snuck in another one without telling us) so we didn’t end up taking the stage until 11:45 even though we were booked for 11. For the first time I can truly say I understand the phrase “feeding off the crowd.” Sure I made more than my share of mistakes, but I felt as though I had limitless energy thanks to all the people who came out and showed support. Great, great night.
Music: 8/10
Performance: 9/10
Overall: 8.5/10

7. L.I.C. Bar 9:00pm @ Brooklyn, NY
This was originally going to be our second-to-last gig but when we took a look at the calendar we noticed we were going to have 3 gigs in 5 weeks. The last time we did that (Arlene’s Grocery) we cannibalized our audience, so to ensure this didn’t happen again, we canceled the following one and made the L.I.C. Bar our final for 2010. We might have canceled the wrong one! As soon as I entered L.I.C. Bar I knew we were in the wrong place. This venue catered to acoustic and jazz bands and when we finally plugged in I noticed my amp didn’t even include distortion. So, we went through the motions, although I wasn’t too thrilled with our results. Still, we had a good time and a weird “trapeze artist” came up and talked to us afterward about getting together and “doing something.” A wild end to 2010: the year of the Rusted Butt!
Music: 6/10
Performance: 5/10
Overall: 5.5/10

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