Indiana J ... I mean Nathan Drake

Damn! I’m starting to put a dent in my giant list of video games to play. In fact, with the defeat of Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune for the PS3, I’m officially into the year 2008. Huzzah!

Drake’s Fortune was one of the games that came out during the PS3’s initial roll out but I stayed clear of it thinking it looked like a generic Tomb Raider clone. Well, ok, so you’re a gun-toting treasure hunter sneaking into dusty caverns and ending up in a science-fiction plot … but Uncharted seems just a slightly bit better.

First of all, the hero is an “everyman.” Well, at least that’s what is constantly stated in all of the press releases. In reality, you’re a guy who can hang onto ledges forever and recover from any bullet wound in a matter of seconds … but it’s still just a tad bit refreshing not being a hard-boiled, focused killer. Ah, Metal Gear Solid, you’re turn is coming soon enough!

It’s also got a nice cover-based shooting system and more-than-decent platforming elements but I found the highly publicized melee combat and acting slightly overrated. Also, holy fuck, the last couple of chapters suddenly turn from an Indiana Jones inspired yarn into a Nazi zombie survival thriller. I had one or two moments of having to press pause and calm myself before moving forward near the end. I hate when games sneak that shit in! Not everyone enjoys being scared all the time.

Anyway, solid 4 out of 5 on this bad boy. I hear it’s sequel is even better (and, thankfully, shorter!!!) so pick that one up if you want to give Uncharted a try.

Next game up: Grand Theft Auto IV!!!!

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