Christmas Down South

A Tito Christmas

Photo © 2010 Stan Syckes

I’ve got a few lightning-round style blogs to get through. Here’s numero uno:

I did the usual trip to Virginia to see the family for Christmas. I had a great time having three small Christmases with Mom, Dad, and Cassie’s folks, but I enjoy just hanging out with them more than the act of giving and receiving gifts. That said I got so many awesome presents – most of them being in the check/money/gift card variety (my preferred means)! I also completely pillaged my mom’s Christmas music CDs. Where once I had only a handful of holiday music … I know have days worth!

It’s a good thing I had taken the Monday after Christmas off too – not only to have a little extended vacation, but also because all of my buses were canceled! I had to scramble and bought Amtrak tickets for Cassie and I and we just made it to our train. Somehow, we even got on the train early when a baggage dude asked to help us. It was the best $10 tip I’ve ever spent as the train was overcrowded due to desperate people trying to get back home. We, meanwhile, were comfortable in our seats right by the food car! Even weirder was the fact that Tucker Carlson, himself, was about 4 seats in front of us. It almost seemed like we wouldn’t make it as first we were stopped for 3 hours just outside of New York, and then had to stand in line in the freezing snow for an hour to grab a taxi but we did finally make it home.

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