Wintry Mix


The Northeast (actually just the East, in general) is under heavy attack … by snow! Here in New York it isn’t too terrible, but it’s been a steady foot or so of the stuff every week since Christmas. Fun! I’ve always complained about cold weather but I’m actually finding myself somewhat unfazed by all of this – perhaps I’m finally getting used to frigid temperatures. Or, maybe my gut is just finally big enough that it protects me like a whale’s blubber.

I am, however, deeply affected by my lack of blogging! I’ve been constantly working on other projects – be they music, basketball, or stealing cars and shooting hookers – but I should check in here every once in a while. Here’s a quick recap of what I’ve been up to.

GTA4 – Great game that’s been sucking up a lot of my free time recently, but I’ll keep my comments about and review on it until after I’ve completed the damn thing.

Keeping Up with the JonesesBrandon and Katie came up for a visit several weeks ago. We had a few drinks, grabbed some local grub, and played a lot of GTA4 (ok, so that was just Brandon and I). Good times, but our New York bed and breakfast industry took a hit as it seems our air mattress has finally given up the ghost. Even after a herculean effort by Brandon and 2 rolls of duct tape, the bed was still losing air and we had to toss it. No word on whether this was the result of a terrorist attack by Tito.

UBAS – The Ultimate Basketball Association (no idea what the S stands for) is a fantasy basketball league I’m in with a bunch of other, stats-crazy, basketball historians. It’s a lot of fun but also a lot of work – I’m updating the site daily (no joke). I’m really proud of the work I’ve done, even though I’m stinking it up right now in the standings. Next year, the Rens will start to flex their virtual muscle!

Rusty Meeting – After our latest gig two weeks ago, Rusted Hero is now working on the future of the band. Last week we got together at my place and started hashing out all the business bullshit – band partnership agreements, discussions of management, press kits, marketing, etc. It actually was a lot easier and more fun than I had imagined it would be. I’ll keep you guys updated with any big decisions, but we’re going to get together again this week to hopefully finish everything.

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