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Ok, I’m going through a bit of a blog lull. They happen. I’m going to give this one five minutes and see how far I get in it.

As I quickly mentioned in my last post (from what seems like years ago now), Rusted Hero was starting to work on ironing out all the business plans for the near future. I’m not talking about working out the details on a management contract, the track listing to our third album, or anything else crazy ahead of ourselves. We were discussing the band partnership agreement (BPA) – a legal document that outlines the duties of band members, how the partnership dissolves and what happens to any assets if the partnership dissolves. It sounds ominous but it was actually a lot more fun to go through than I expected. The best part was the decision making process – there were about 20 different hard band decisions listed and we had to figure out whether it took a majority or unanimous vote of the band to make each one.

Along with the BPA, we discussed setting up publishing, determining songwriting, and copyrighting songs plus made a few plans for the immediate future. It was a good talk – though it took us 2 meetings over 4 weeks (scheduling four adult male calendars still proves to be quite the challenge). But I feel so productive!

In fact, I started a new song last night. Huzzah!

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