The culprit

It’s been a bit of a nightmare week. First (and most) of all, I’ve been completely swamped at work. I’m working on an outrageous project – giant demands, super aggressive deadline, pushy client. What it meant for me was working until 3am (at the earliest) for a week straight (including weekends). I barely had time to sleep much less live so I became quite the zombie. I probably also became really surly … but something had to give and usually the first to go is my manners.

While that hell was going on, my beautiful [] got hacked! I was so busy I actually had to be told by people that it was down. When I checked it out for myself I was pretty shocked: the homepage was now a creepy photo of some person gagged with arabic writing below. Looks like it was some sort of free the Middle East stuff and not threatening, but it creeped me the fuck out. I logged into my server to clean up the damage and found something even more insidious – the asshole had deleted every single one of my files!

Luckily, I keep back ups of all my web work (though this’ll remind me to start doing that more often) and I only lost a handful of images that I was able to replace pretty quickly. Still … what the fuck? What possible benefit did this guy have to hacking a site that has a readership of maybe 3? Weird. The craziness continues in my next post …

    Site Updates:

  • Updated blog IDs for July 2008 posts
  • Removed The Shack section from sidebar
  • Added titles and descriptions to Features section of sidebar

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