I’ve got a couple musical nuggets to share. First up is news about my guitar amplification (yes, your favorite subject). I’ve added two new amps since I did my great (to me, anyway) Amped! post, so here are the newest members of the family in that same, “interesting” presentation:

My ally is the force, and a powerful ally it is7. Jedi Tone
Marsh 2550 Replica
Date Acquired: August 2010
Method of Acquisition: Ordered from the company online
Date Divested: N/A
Method of Divestment: N/A
Time in Use: 7 months

I went to see Mark, a musician living in Brooklyn who offered his expertise on guitar tone to interested Craigslisters. It was only $50 for a couple of hours, and I was still clueless about guitar tone (yes, 15 years into my playing career) so I decided to take the chance. Long story short, it was a great experience and I learned a lot.

He directed me to a small, hand-wired amp shop called Marsh. Aside from the fact that this was supposed to be a nicer replica of the old Marshall amps Slash played on in Guns n’ Roses, I also discovered this great little YouTube clip demonstration. Beautiful tone! I was sold.

Well, I only found the bugger on the official Marsh website (and it was a bit pricey – more expensive than any of the other amps I’ve ever owned) but I decided to invest. And what a great decision! Sure, I didn’t have a cab, but I have already used this baby at a couple of Rusted Hero gigs and absolutely love it. I just plug in and play – no silly pedals needed!

Wall of sound8. The Monster
Marshall 4×12 1960A
Date Acquired: 3/25/2011
Method of Acquisition: Bought off craigslist
Date Divested: N/A
Method of Divestment: N/A
Time in Use: 1 week

For our latest gig (Bar East), Rusted Hero was finally playing in my stomping grounds, the Upper East Side. Unfortunately, our venue had nothing but a handful of microphones and some pieces of a drum kit. I was cool with amplification (see my Marsh amp description above), but I would also need to bring a speaker. The last time I had to provide both amp and cab, I borrowed one from our practice studio, Ultra Sound Studios. While it worked out great, it was an absolute nightmare transporting it (I had to convince a taxi driver, and then had to force it into the back seat). I wasn’t going through that hell again so I decided to find one for my very own.

There were several listed on craigslist for sale, but one specified being able to come and try it out. So, two weekends ago, I lugged my guitar to Greenpoint, found the seller’s practice space, and tried out the item … very quietly, as two of his bandmates were already in the studio recording. It was weird, but I needed a speaker and this one was in great condition. I paid him half, asked him to hold it for me, and promised to be back with Adrien’s car Friday.

Friday came around and Adrien and I pulled up, carted away the Marshall and that was it. I didn’t get a chance to actually play it at a full volume until right when I plugged in at our show Saturday night … but the girl sounded very alright! I couldn’t be happier with my current lineup of guitar-amp-cab. Sure, I need to spend an hour or two tweaking the tone knobs, but for now I’m very satisfied.

Oh, and that other bit of news I mentioned to discuss is about this gig. I think I’ll hold off on telling that story at a later date as there might even be crazier news!

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