My new device!

It’s been two years since the last one, so expect an obligatory phone-update blog soon.

Oh, wait, here it is!

Over the extended 4th of July weekend, Cassie and I got new phones as both of our individual contracts had expired. She kept needling me to move over to Verizon and, now that they had their own iPhone, I really had no excuses this time. So, we hiked over to the Verizon store on 86th St and I started fiddling with some of the other phones.

… and fell in love with the Droid 🙁 !

With two years of iPhone experience under my belt it’s amazing that it only took about 20 minutes before I realized how much more aligned with my thinking the Droid was. I mean … how have I existed without widgets? My choice was between the X2 (Motorola), the Charge (Samsung) and the Incredible 2 (HTC). Well, while the X2 possessed a large screen and super fast processor, I just hated the way it looked and felt. The Incredible 2, on the other hand, was the slowest of the three and more compact (about the size of my iPhone). I hesitated for a second on that one but ultimately chose the Charge as it had a better screen than even the X2, I loved the physical buttons on the chin, and it boasted 4G connectivity. Really, they all do the same bullshit, so that was good enough for me.

I’ve got a full two weeks to change my mind on this bad boy but so far, I do really like it and PREFER IT to my old iPhanus, so Brandon you can kiss my (_|_) !!!

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