Bitter Rock

Rusted Hero at The Bitter End

I had quite a “bitter” treat earlier this month when Rusted Hero was invited to play at The Bitter End – the famous, long-running New York City rock club. Some notable acts have played there such as Carly Simon, Stevie Wonder, Billy Joel and, yes, Lada Gaga before she was famous.

Making the experience even better was a trio of intrepid Virginians who made the trip up to NYC. Steve, Brandon and Richard all showed up for a little rocking, a little drinking … and, unfortunately, a lot of rain. The show was great (though I had a little trouble with tuning at times), but afterward, we all got stuck in a torrential downpour. Worse, we were in a godawful karaoke bar as it came down!

It was a wild weekend and I loved every minute of it … ok, being absolutely soaked wasn’t so hot. But what was hot was “Shine On You” from the end of our show!


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