the countdown!!!

The webspace has been allotted. The domain name has been registered. The deadline for the grand opening of this site is Tuesday the 9th. So now begins the mad rush to put something on each page. Interestingly enough, along with the startup of, I’m trying to start up the band again. Jammed with Brandon Jones (of btjones web design fame) and his former roommate, Will on drums. ‘Twas hot. Jamming with a drummer is a lot like sleeping with a girl – it’s a lot cooler than doing it alone. See you in a few.

THREE YEARS LATER: I recall Brandon driving me to Will’s house near JMU for the jam. Will had been Brandon’s freshman year roommate in college and played the drums. I brought my dinky, little 15-watt but was embarrassed to play on it, so I plugged into an amp that we found there. I don’t remember exactly what we jammed on (I’m betting just basic blues), but I did try to teach them one of my songs, “Shine On You.” We played for a little over an hour, but I never saw Will again. I casually brought up the idea of playing again to Brandon, who said Will had expressed a similar interest, but that might have just been lip service.

As of 7/15/2007 (three and a half years later), this is still the only post that includes a non-JPEG image (though some do not have an image at all). For the record, this is an animated GIF image.


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