been jammin

If you haven’t ever been to the City Square Cafe in downtown Manassas, I urge you to do so. Armed with the information that it is the current establishment of one Richard Killiam, I can’t see how one could resist anymore.

It’s a lot nicer than the website or outside promise, but that’s really not the point of this story. I arrived at the cafe just slightly later than the proposed meeting time (any surprise?) and ran into famed employee, Killiam. He introduced me into his Uruguay (what do people from Uruguay call themelves – Uruguians?) coworker, Natalia. She seemed nice but also was a bit taken back from my presence. Perhaps not coincidentally I was wearing my NBA hat – an accessory that has sparked many controversial incidents recently including mockery, a physical attack, and a confrontation (and come to think about it, these were all inflicted by women)!

Richard and I crossed the street to the apartment of Ryan, another of his coworkers. We played for about two hours – Richard and I on guitars and Ryan on drums – and then talked music for an hour or so after. Although I’ve been keeping up on guitar every week I haven’t jammed in forever. It’s such a different technique – it tests endurance and creativity instead of technicality and memorization. I couldn’t tell if Ryan was any good at drums as he mainly played pretty low key stuff but it felt good to work those creative muscles in that fashion and we planned to play again next week – this time with a bassist as well. Who knows, maybe we’ll work up some stuff and play around town. Would be some good preparation.

Preparation for what, you ask? Details coming further once logistics are finalized. L8r



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