an all-star weekend

I hope you all had a fun-filled All-Star weekend! For all of you who missed it – here’s a breif recap of what happened told in a thrilling, near-perfect Steve Syckes voice: “A guy dunked. A guy shot the ball in the hoop. A team ran a play and won.” And if anyone lost track the successful Nash-to-Nowitzki counter hit 2!

Sixers star, Allen Iverson (all six-foot nothing of him) won MVP honors for actually (gasp!) hustling during an All-Star game. Didn’t anyone tell him that’s not really the point because, truth be told, the All-Star game is all novelty. I just love seeing the top 20 players in the league (and 4 others who will soon be “who-wuz-thats”) on the same court at the same time. Well, that and the hard-hitting country half time shows. Wait a second. Country half time shows? This isn’t football! And it’s also really about time to drop the embarassing Destiny’s Child association with basketball as it’s now been 2 straight years of lackluster, dance-oriented, lip synching. Seriously.

But yeah, novelty. It’s fun to see the train-wreck that is an attempt at a real game. And it’s cool to see the personalities come out (Shaq’s one-handed free throw showed he’s well aware of his abysmal percentage) because this game doesn’t matter one bit (when is the NBA going to establish a system like baseball where the winning divison would receive home court advantage in the Finals?). What does matter is a certain team from Dallas went 4-0 last week. All away games. Against Sacramento (ranked 5th), Seattle (ranked 3rd) and Suns (ranked 2nd). 🙂

NON-BASKETBALL RELATED PARAGRAPHS START HERE. So it seems that someone who I worked with for about a week last year recommended me to work at his new company. Tomorrow I go to interview but apparently the company is already offering me the position of web developer. Is it silly to just be glad I have a reason to get up early enough to listen to Stern again?



  • Tuesday, January 10th, 2006 at 18:46 | #1

    What we talkin’ ’bout here? We talkin’ ’bout practice!

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