birthday bash

What the fuck? He put that stupid page of his back up … again? Yep. The official birthday of [] now coincides with mine!!!! Ooooooh, hotness. Well I’ve been scrambling to put this together for the past two weeks and I do have a few things up (March Hotness Tournament, quotes page, and some hot buddy icons), but please bear with me as this is still a work in progress – yes the coolest thing to ever say on a website. Alright, I plan to spend the rest of my birthday sleeping. L8r.

THREE YEARS LATER: My birthday just happened to coincide nicely with the unveiling of []. Honest, no planning! Here’s what the layout of [] looked like on it’s inaugural day.

The March Hotness Tournament was based on a website that my friends were into during my freshman year of college. I can’t remember what it was called, but I know it was taken down during my sophomore year. I can’t believe how much time I put into designing and configuring this tournament, only to get 13 responses!

The name of this post came from an old tape I made with my brother and friend back in elementary or middle school. We were some band and just kep singing “birthday bash” over and over (what can I say, I was easily amused back then). The title just seemed appropriate for this occassion.

This was also the first post to include my “L8r” closing. Though it felt juvenile even back in 2004, I felt it was a fitting end to the first official blog of []. All throughout high school I was addicted to the chat rooms and instant messages of AOL and, thinking it was hip, would always end my IMs with L8r.

UPDATED LINKS: March Hotness Tournament, quotes page, buddy icons


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