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I haven’t learned much from living in Harrisonburg for going on 5 years now, but what I have learned will serve me well. For example, just because the state law is that beer stops being sold at midnight, do not expect stores to be selling them at 11:44 pm! Also, beware of girls who enjoy country music. But perhaps the most important thing I’ve learned is that I need to get out of Harrisonburg as soon as is humanly possible! Richard’s down here and we’re getting music ready together, but H-burg just is not a great place to get a band started. We’re looking for places to go to start this shit up, but that’s a big decision so we’re handling it in our own, special fashion: we’re ignoring it.

I put up some friends cards (you’ll probably only get the joke if you’ve seen some of my earlier sites), and some crazy old sites I’ve done for school which aren’t that cool. Everyone should keep on sending me March Hotness results, because I’m posting what everyone’s final four are. And if you’re Jeff C[removed], or anyone else who is extremely bored, these are the pages that are regularly updated: quotes and links.

THREE YEARS LATER: I remember the beer incident happening one night when we ran out of beer to play beer pong with and rushed over to the nearest gas station. Even though we were in line, with beer, at 11:44pm, the (sextagenarian) cashier refused to sell us the goods. We quickly drove over to another, shadier gas station and safely bought some reinforcements.

I believe the “girls who like country music” refers to a party thrown by friend, and fellow Bj and Nate Show broadcaster, Liesel Eby, at her apartment. Country themed parties suck balls.

And, finally, it is on quite a sad note to comment on the band status. I was still pretty upbeat then, looking forward to moving with Richard Killiam, my singer, to somewhere and finally put all of our effort behind starting a band. Three years later, he’s living in France, lost, and I’m no further ahead in my musical aspirations living in New York City.

The Friends Cards was a cool idea – making virtual baseball cards of people I knew based on an old set of X-men cards I bought. But it took so much time to knock one out, and I’m not sure how many people were really into them, so I gave up.

UPDATED LINKS: friends cards, sites I’ve done for school, March Hotness results, final four, quotes



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