Years Later

Years later is an attempt to look back and reflect, with more depth, upon a tumultuous period in my life: the first year after graduating from college and moving back into my mom’s house. I said goodbye to my fun-loving, free college life and began to face the realness of bills, jobs, cars and crushing, omnipresent boredom. This was also the period in which I began []. It wasn’t my first website, but it was my first blog, which presented me the opportunity to record all of my feelings and experiences as they happened.

But I’ll be honest. I have an innate need to receive the types of responses I am trying to get: usually laughter or respect. Anything else can feel like failure at times. And, since these posts were online and for all the world to read, I toned down things quite a bit. I was also going through an extremely lazy period and would completely gloss over many essential details or whole stories altogether.

So now, I shall take a trip back through the first year on [] and provide a sort of director’s commentary to each blog entry. In fact, think of each post now complete with it’s own DVD features, as I’ll include some other behind-the-scene info as well. For example, I’ll keep track of how many spam comments each post received (since I didn’t create such a robust security system when I built my own blogging enging), update any out of date links, and insert relevant photos. It’s been long enough that being painfully honest shouldn’t hurt too many people … I hope.

# Blog Years Later revelation teaser
34 Aug 27, 2004 A sober dissection of one of my infamous basketball rants. Also, a nice, smiley emoticon!
33 Aug 25, 2004 An idea four years ahead of its time and the worst movie of all time
32 Aug 22, 2004 I break open the vaunted Shack Diary to add some authentic memories from this 2004 trip to nowhere
31 Aug 17, 2004 A (literally) hypnotizing journey to see Ron and Fez perform live in Maryland
# Blog Years Later revelation teaser
30 Aug 08, 2004 Visit the last blog ever to be published on the very first [] design.
29 Jul 26, 2004 The first (and only) annual LollapaRilliam festival. Romance, alcohol, and a beer box-hatted joust ensues!
28 Jul 18, 2004 Me and the NBA: The humble beginnings of a star-crossed romance!
27 Jul 10, 2004 How I spent my final days living at college: wasting hours making mix cds, playing beer pong, and not cleaning
26 Jul 06, 2004 Shit and piss stories: you’re in for a treat!
25 Jun 30, 2004 I wore a 12-year old shirt to a midnight showing of Spider-Man 2 and lived to cry about it
24 Jun 27, 2004 Maybe watching the first Spider-Man movie five nights in a row was building too much hype for the sequel
23 Jun 24, 2004 A few thoughts on Akira and an explanation in case you don’t know what [] used to look like
22 Jun 17, 2004 How I escaped my final day of high school, MacGyver-style
21 Jun 08, 2004 Power hours, waking up with my head in a toilet, and the Harrisonburg Emergency Medical squad: the drunken origins of the word “Idenberry”
# Blog Years Later revelation teaser
20 May 29, 2004 The excruciating details of my first entrance in (and subsequent inebriated defeat from) a beer pong tournament
19 May 26, 2004 The peer-to-peer beginnings of Seinfeld, Seinsmelled
18 May 25, 2004 How [] was originally layed out and the scandalous “bra pic” incident revealed!
17 May 10, 2004 No school, no obligations, and yet I still manage to put off turning in my work until 4:39 am
16 May 05, 2004 Pretending I was gay got more women than Toine crossing a pit of fire
15 Apr 22, 2004 A little bit about my first freelance work and, yes, I voted on American Idol. But not for another three years …
14 Apr 19, 2004 I was kidding. I really wasn’t going to kill my bassist of 5 years!
13 Apr 16, 2004 Who were the two biggest [] nags back in the day?
12 Apr 05, 2004 Don’t think you’ve gotten out of that formal apology when this plan is finally realized!
11 Mar 29, 2004 Childhood movies and high school classmates: some things are better left as memories.
# Blog Years Later revelation teaser
10 Mar 24, 2004 How my college radio program, the Bj and Nate Show, came about and the sad final chapter to my college music career.
09 Mar 18, 2004 The “lessons” learned from Harrisonburg are finally explained and the Friends cards are put to rest.
08 Mar 09, 2004 [] finally, officially goes live, the 5-year old origins behind the March Hotness Tournament 2k4, and the reason behind the first instance of “L8r.”
07 Mar 06, 2004 I naively thought I was going to jam with that drummer again …
06 Mar 02, 2004 What I hate about the sound of my online voice and the clandestine justification behind []!
05 Feb 23, 2004 In the original blog I casually mention how the rest of the weekend was “adventurous” without going into any detail. Here are those details.
04 Feb 16, 2004 Alert! This post is based on a complete lie, and relive one of my worst bombs on radio.
03 Feb 11, 2004 How long did it take me to finally get that first credit card?
02 Feb 09, 2004 What the hell was this secret post all about, anyway?
01 Feb 07, 2004 Discover what and who initially inspired me to make a blog.