I’ve worked on many website-oriented projects in my time – some for school, some for money, and most just for fun. Here is the entire collection of all of them from the most recent to the oldest.


  • The Shack: 10th Anniversary | 2000-2010The Shack: 10th Anniversary | 2000-2010 [May 13]
    A Shack-sized celebration on this decade anniversary. Journals in real time, photos, music, artifacts and commentary about all the wild shit that went down the summer of 2000 in Manassas, VA.

  • Best/Worst of 2009Best/Worst of 2009 [January 6]
    Another year, another look back at all the crap I did during it. Come along and revisit my my obsessive need to catalog and rate every goddamn thing I experience!



  • Best and Worst of 2008Best and Worst of 2008 [February 12]
    Well, it’s an institution, I guess. The yearly review of entertainment I enjoyed for the previous 365 days. Published even further into the following year than ever before!

  • The Greatest Mixes of All Time!The Greatest Mixes of All Time! [February 6]
    A gallery of fine art: all of my mix CDs and playlists complete with album art and brief explanation of selected tracks. Data overkill!!



  • Ballas2k7Ballas2k7 [June 11]
    Once again, I played through a latest NBA 2k video game season as a team manned by myself and friends. If it doesn’t make sense, it will.

  • Ping Pong DatabasePing Pong Database [January 17]
    My strange, sports statistics obsession continues. Here’s the site I created to keep track of the ping pong rankings at my New York office.

  • Best/Worst of 2007Best/Worst of 2007 [January 12]
    Once again, I man the depths of my year-long entertainment adventure and present my votes for best and worst in several categories. Fear not, all of these opinions are correct!



  • Blog Rates 2007Blog Rates 2007 [May 1]
    My (apparently) infamous second annual blog grading. Not all bloggers will be pleased!

  • Best/Worst of 2006Best/Worst of 2006 [January 1]
    Every entertainment I partook in boiled down into a dog-eat-dog, Gladiator-styled tournament of death! … with funny commentary.



  • Vive La Fance! A EuroblogVive La France! A Euroblog [July 18 – July 31]
    My many drunken nights and fruitless days spent in Gay Paris captured in blog-like fashion.

  • the Dohblog 2.0the Dohblog 2.0 [April]
    Steve and I collaborated for this simple but elegant redesign of the Dohblog when Anthony first toyed with the idea of a full website.

  • Brooklyn BallasBrooklyn Ballas [Date Unknown]
    Every year I play a season in the latest 2k-series NBA video game for Playstation with a team comprised of my friends (made using the create-a-player feature). Here was my team from 2006.

  • SiteFlip.com - Low Cost Quality HostingSiteFlip.com – Low Cost Quality Hosting [April 1]
    I definitely got three people with this perfect April Fools prank, so don’t feel too bad if you, too, were fooled!

  • stanus Does Dallas: March 3-6, 2006stanus Does Dallas: March 3-6, 2006 [March 3 – March 6]
    Three days in downtown Dallas, Texas to witness the Mavericks-Suns game from the first row. Awesomeness ensues!

  • PPC Jersies?!?!?!PPC Jersies?!?!?! [Date Unknown]
    I designed some jersies for my ultimate frisbee team. Too bad they never picked up the idea.

  • Friends Cards 1999Friends Cards 1999 [Date Unknown]
    This incorrectly-named page was to showcase a huge set of cards based on everyone I knew. However, creating each one was so time consuming I only popped out 16.



  • the Best of 2005the Best of 2005 [December]
    Quick recap of the best and worst moments of 2005 – album, song, movie, video game, etc.

  • [stanus.digital] Buddy Icons[stanus.digital] Buddy Icons [May]
    A few of my AIM buddy icons from the beginning of 2005. Also features some famous graphical masterpieces by Steve Syckes.

  • 2004-05 NBA Report2004-05 NBA Report [November 2004 – May 2005]
    Another unfinished NBA report – this one has my complete first forray into fantasy basketball, though.

  • Quotes 2005Quotes 2005 [April]
    A collection of funny quotes from friends, colleagues, and heroes during high school, through college and up until early 2005.



  • Hibernation Sickness LogosHibernation Sickness Logos [November]
    My friend Richard had just started his own blog and I wanted to help him get away from his generic template. Here were my few ideas for a logo.

  • [stanus.store][stanus.store] [Date Unknown]
    Show your fan loyalty with any of these four stanus-approved shirts! Done in old NBA store style.

  • Stan Syckes: Online PortfolioStan Syckes: Online Portfolio [Date Unknown]
    I got a bite on some potential work, but they needed a portfolio so I whipped this up. I wonder why I didn’t get the job?

  • the STANUS.NET's 2003-04 NBAnus REPORTthe STANUS.NET’s 2003-04 NBAnus REPORT [Date Unknown]
    This was supposed to be so much more, but ended up just being a one-page list of what I liked and didn’t like about the NBA season.

  • A Little Bird.comA Little Bird.com [August]
    A gift company that needed graphics and logos for an already designed site using ASP. I created all the graphics on this dummy-page, along with the menu.

  • Winchester MetalsWinchester Metals [August]
    A nice, clean little site for another construction-related company. I decided to use a crisp style with small, bordered images to set it apart from the tired corrugated metal textures that adorn some competitor sites.

  • Happy Father's DayHappy Father’s Day [July 20]
    I was away from the old man on Father’s Day so I spent a day at work making him a crazy website card starring Led Zeppelin.

  • Friend CardsFriend Cards [Date Unknown]
    Sixteen cards about my friends based on an X-Men card series I collected as a kid.

  • beer pongbeer pong [Date Unknown]
    A tribute to the drinking game I was obsessed with and my attempt to simulate it in video game form. Not much is here.

  • Construction Management ProfessionalsConstruction Management Professionals [June]
    The first site I designed for a client with Brainstorm Technology. This was for a construction management company and was created by combining several ideas from sites they had liked.

  • Watchmen: a DissectionWatchmen: a Dissection [March]
    An unfinished (hell, barely begun) attempt at analyzing Watchmen – the greatest comic ever.

  • march hotness tournament 2K4march hotness tournament 2K4 [March]
    I had a lot of time on my hands, so I made an online tournament to determine the hottest female celebrity.



  • brasband.tkbrasband.tk [April 3]
    An update to my old college band’s website. Sadly, both the band and website quickly fizzled soon after I started work on this project. (Click on the logo on the main page to flip between different logos)

  • The JMU Midnight Frisbee Golf ClubThe JMU Midnight Frisbee Golf Club [Date Unknown]
    My final college project for my Photoshop class (yeah, a jack off class but I learned a lot). I’ve always regretted never actually playing this course.



  • BrasBras [May 6]
    The site I made for my college band, Bras. Lots of irreverent humor and inside jokes … but still a goldmine of 15-minute fun years later.