To Do

This page is nothing more than my to do list. I was tired of trying to reconcile two copies of this list (one at home and one at work) so I decided to keep it in one place: online. Please ignore 😀 !


  1. cut up 2.02
  2. cut up 2.03
  3. cut up 2.04
  4. cut up 2.05
  5. cut up 2.06
  6. cut up 2.07
  7. cut up 2.08
  8. cut up 2.09
  9. cut up 2.10
  10. cut up 2.11
  11. cut up 2.12


Abdul-Jabbar, Kareem 33 LA Lakers (gold or purple)
Barkley, Charles 34 PHX Suns (purple)
Barry, Rick 24 GS Warriors (blue or yellow)
Cousy, Bob 14 BOS Celtics (green)
Drexler, Clyde 22 POR T’Blazers (black)
Duncan, Tim 21 SA Spurs (black)
Ewing, Patrick 33 NYC Knicks (white)
Frazier, Walt 10 NYC Knicks (blue)
Iverson, Allen 3 PHI Sixers (black)
James, LeBron 23 CLE Cavaliers (red)
Johnson, Magic 32 LA Lakers (purple or gold autographed)
Jordan, Michael 23 CHI Bulls (retro red)
Nowitzki, Dirk 41 DAL Mavericks (white authentic)
Nowitzki, Dirk 41 DAL Mavericks (white or blue autographed)
Paul, Chris 3 NO Hornets (yellow)
Petit, Bob 9 STL Hawks (red)
Pippen, Scottie 33 CHI Bulls (red)
Robinson, David 50 SA Spurs (white)
Rodman, Dennis 10 DET Pistons (blue)
Wallace, Ben 3 DET Pistons (blue)
Walton, Bill 32 POR T’Blazers (red)
Wilkins, Dominique 21 ATL Hawks (red)


  1. rescan old photos at higher quality
  2. scan old letters
  3. scan Tj band folder
  4. add Giant Size X-Men and other tapes to iTunes



  1. create song order
  2. Lord of the Rings: Fellowship
  3. Ocean’s 11
  4. The Fast and the Furious
  5. Moulin Rouge
  6. Zoolander


  1. arrange “Sundays” (Maybe)
  2. download all Weezer B-Sides/other from that site!
  3. download all GNR demos
  4. clean out/reorganize Bras folder


  1. RECORDINGS: genres, timeWorked, instruments, rating, type, finalDate, lyrics
  2. RECORDINGS: make sure MIDIs have “best guess” status if necessary
  3. RECORDINGS: go through list of songs AT HOME that still need lyrics
  4. RECORDINGS: make sure all songs with vocals/banter have lyrics
  5. RECORDINGS: look at all transcript lyrics – any other sources provide missing clues?
  6. RECORDINGS: any 0 orderID recordings?
  7. clean up RECDATE table … don’t need duplicated info
  8. what Sheryl Crow song started “nothing to crow about”
  9. what influenced “wholesome?”
  10. get Brigette’s Graduation Gift – different tracks? (do Grad Gift description)
  11. divy up Fuzzy Dice/Shit and possibly make new album after adding new-found tracks
  12. add leftover mp3s to albums
  13. go through laptop for new music
  14. go through desktop for new music
  15. double check all pre-1999 dates in recdates … does it make sense compared to every song from then?
  16. ALBUMS: re-order albums according to spreadsheet
  17. OPTIONAL (?) after finalizing track order (by date) disperse all college 1999-2000 tracks to 4 albums
  18. RECORDINGS: associated bands
  19. SONGS: all missing data, make sure song descriptions are based on recording descriptions
  20. SONGS: make sure uses more correct white/black text over darker background color
  21. SONGS: any 0 orderID songs?
  22. ARTISTS: images, description
  23. ARTISTS: recordings appeared on
  24. ARTISTS: instruments played
  25. ARTISTS: locations recorded at
  26. BAND: locations recorded at
  27. BAND: affiliated recordings
  28. BAND: instruments played
  29. COVER WRITER: songs written
  30. INSTRUMENTS: do instrument orderID by going through recordings
  31. INSTRUMENTS: images, description
  32. INSTRUMENTS: recordings instrument was played on
  33. INSTRUMENTS: artists who played instrument
  34. INSTRUMENTS: locations instruments was recorded at
  35. LOCATIONS: images, description
  36. LOCATIONS: recordings made at location
  37. LOCATIONS: artists who recorded there
  38. LOCATIONS: instruments played there
  39. Any video/audio of us jamming on old home movies?
  40. Where was Zafs’ freshman dorm?
  41. What type was Richard’s Old Keyboard?
  42. What type was Richard’s New Keyboard?
  43. Did Richard’s Les Paul SG Special ever have a name?
  44. Fix all unknowns (players, instruments, etc.)
  45. find a music hosting space?
1997 Try to locate recorded Patrick and the McNairs practice
1997 Try to locate Led Zeppelin convention jam
1998 What Should Be Get higher quality recording (320)
1998 Freek Get higher quality recording (320)
1998 Till There Was You Get recorded version for Heather’s birthday
1999 Decorate You Get better recording (currently 128 kbps)
1999 Wait For Something Get better recording (currently 128 kbps)
1999 Try to locate senior talent show
1999 TSHOW [MIDI] Get date of talent show (start date for midi)
1999 Since I Don’t Have You Find out date (find Prom date)
1999 Any recordings of Wang Lowe’s performance at Gerald’s party?
2000 Sundays Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2000 Here I Go Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2000 If We Fell How long did it take to record; any songs from Stever or Richard?
2000 Between All my versions are corrupted; Can I find this on a hard drive?
2000 Aeroplane / Back In The USSR Which Steve recording came first?
2000 Shack Solo 2000 Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2000 Can’t Find better copy (there’s a skip at the end)
2000 Spacey Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2001 Yassir 2 Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2001 Cancer From Gasoline Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2001 Undressed [1] Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2001 Nato (Gifford) Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2001 toxic [MIDI] When was the first day of class 20001?
2002 I Saw Her Standing There [Remix] Find better copy (there are errors in mp3)
2003 Passing Lady [Bras in Passing] Get recording … from Stever?

NBA SIM (General)

  1. make stat leaders full-list pages?
  2. create player2 – add defendex to series?
  3. make award images / disperse to player and team pages
  4. add titles to all table headers on all pages
  5. create banner for tournament home page to replace player pictures
  6. make stat field naming convention (ast not asts; pf not fls)
  7. REAL_players – make sure everyone has a birthDate
  8. REAL_player_season – make sure everyone has an age
  9. Find team colors for Cleveland Rebels (1947) and Pittsburgh Ironmen (1947)


  1. go through random movies in pictures folder
  2. add lost 2003-04 pictures
  3. add more scanned in old photos
  4. redo photos section to use divs, not tables
  5. add photos of new apartment after finished decorating


  1. restyle chars page
  2. show footer on all pages
  3. The Sniffing Accountant motifs?
  4. complete the Bris


  1. Pete Maravich
  2. “Incorporate” old events into your lifev
  3. Enron
  4. Larry Bird & Magic Johnson
  5. imaginary backup (Bill Russell)


  1. Go through and add Famous Sightings to old blogs
  2. Throwback – show mini-screens at top
  3. Top 10 page – replace lipsum text
  4. move seinfeld DB tables into regular DB
  5. move stanus 2.0 DB tables into _archive DB
  6. complete ping pong feature / redo database
  7. retrieve Bond (2004) and Astro City (?) features
  8. move musicOld into a feature
  9. clean out /guest
  10. 3 years later
  11. enter in Shack / old blogs ?