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Real Name: Brandon Jones
Favorite Character: George Costanza

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Highest Rated Episode
9.06 the Merv Griffin Show
3.850 / 3.675 (2)
Good episode! One great story line (Jerry drugging his girlfriend to play with her toys), and three good ones (George killing pigeons after they "break the deal", Elaine and her nemesis at work "the sidler", and Kramer becoming Merv Griffin)

Jerry again has a preoccupation beyond his current girlfriend, this time with her classic toy collection. Jerry drugs his girlfriend to take advantage of her toys (analogous to raping or molesting her, only ...funnier). Childish Jerry usually turns out to be pretty funny Jerry.

The weakest of the four story lines includes an introduction to a new kind of person, the sidler(not as great as the high-talker or the anti-dentite.) Mr Peterman does bring a little comedy.
Lowest Rated Episode
1.04 Male Unbonding
1.250 / 2.664 (5)
These early episodes are really starting to look dated - this one originally aired nearly 20 years ago! The most dated reference is George's fanny-pack but I guess they were never cool because Jerry quickly makes fun of George's fashion choice.

There were multiple mentions of George's girlfriend yet we never see her on screen...would probably have been funnier to actually see the awkward interactions. The only memorable part about this episode is the first mention of Kramer's make your own pizza restaurant. Elaine is barely even in the episode.

I bet Stanus gave this a rating bump just because it mentions the (pre-Dirk) Mavericks!